10 Delicious Recipes For Valentine’s Day

10 Delicious Recipe ideas for the whole family on this Valentine’s Day.

10 Valentine's Day Recipes

Valentines Day is just around the corner. It’s pure indulgence in sweet and chocolate. But let’s not forget, our little valentines are still not ready for that kind of sweet indulgence. So what do we do make their day special?

I have got you covered here. Today I am sharing 10 amazingly delicious as well as nutritious recipes for little tummies. I have included big kids too, so everyone in the family is taken care of.

Whip up these quick recipes and make the Valentines Day special for everyone.

  • Let’s start with Plums And Apple Puree: Here I have cooked plums and apples together and added some cardamom powder to it. This puree can be combined with various other foods like bananas, baby cereals, yogurt etc. Recipe. (8 months and above)

Plums And Apple Puree

  • Beet It Root: Beetroots are extremely nutritious for babies. They have a wonderful dark red- purplish color, which is attractive to little ones. They can be served as a finger food too. Here, I have combined beetroot and carrot along with garlic and cinnamon powder. It is a meal full of nutrients essential for growing baby. Recipe (8 months and above)

Beet It Root

  • Dairy-Free Fig Strawberry Ice Cream: Nobody can go wrong when it comes to Ice cream, especially when it’s dairy-free and sugar-free. I have just added frozen bananas, strawberries, and dried figs in a food processor and turned it into a creamy fruity delight. This ice cream is great for babies 8 months and above. Recipe

Dairy Free Fig Strawberry Ice cream

  • Beet Root And Fig Bites: These are a great finger food, with no added sugar. Here, I have cooked beetroot and dried figs together into a sticky mixture and then rolled them into little toddler bite size balls. I flavored these balls with some cardamom powder. They turned out into a delicious finger food for my daughter and took care of my sweet tooth as well. Recipe. (1 year and above)

Beetroot and Fig Bites

  •  Chocolate Covered Apples: This one works great for children. Just make sure that apple pieces are cut into kid-friendly bite-size pieces. Recipe. (1 year above) 

Chocolate Covered Apple Bites

  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries: This one again is a crowd pleaser for absolutely any age. A great way to sneak in some fruits and tell me who can resist chocolate and strawberries. Recipe 

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

  • Black Grapes and Mixed Berry Juice: Need a fresh juice idea for the V- Day morning, here’s one. PS- Make this as a surprise breakfast drink for that special someone. Recipe.

Blackgrape and Berry juice

  • Dessert Strawberry Smoothie:  How about making this one as a breakfast drink, it’s a special day and it’s ok to have Dessert in the morning. Recipe.

  Dessert Strawberry Smoothie

  • Fruit And Nut Smoothie Bowl: Valentines Day is on Sunday, so how about making a bed for breakfast and surprise mommy on this special day. Kids and Dad can easily whip up this quick Fruit and Nut smoothie bowl. I am sure, she will remember this forever. Recipe.

 Fruit And Nut Smoothie Bowl

  • Quick Homemade Chocolates: And finally, there has to be a pure chocolate indulgence. How about making these quick Homemade Chocolates. A little tip: You can add some chocolate liquor for just two of you to enjoy these.  Recipe.

Quick Homemade Chocolates

This concludes our wonderful Valentine’s Day Special recipe Round-up. As mentioned earlier, I have got everyone covered in the family. So make these special treats for your loved ones and have a beautiful Valentine’s Day.

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