Apple With Couscous

Apple With Couscous is a complete meal for babies 7 months and above. It can be a great breakfast or lunch option.


Happy 1st Monday of 2016. I was looking forward to getting back to work, as I have planned so many things for you all which I can’t wait to share.

First, let me start by sharing with you all some Great News. Two of the recipes from EasyBabyMeals- Spicy Shrimp Tacos and Eggless Snowball Cookies made to the Reader’s Choice 10 Best Recipes of 2015. Isn’t that amazing?

Next one is I was nominated as the Food Expert of the Month for December 2015 by The Urban Spice- India’s Food and Lifestyle Magazine. I would like to Thank you The Urban Spice team for the honor. I can say it has been a great start to this year. 

Now let’s get to today’s recipe. This nutritious puree is great for babies 7 months and older. Here I have cooked apple with a little nutmeg and cinnamon powder. Then added couscous to it. It is a great breakfast or lunch option for your baby. While choosing apple to use for this recipe, I would recommend using the sweet variety apples.

Apple With Couscous

All About Couscous

Couscous is a traditional food from Northern African cultures. It consists of small balls of durum wheat or semolina flour. It is often taken with a grain, but it is the same dough that is made into many kinds of pasta. Making couscous is extremely simple.

I cannot stress how easy it is to use it for baby food. Simply add hot water to little couscous balls and let them fluff up. You are ready to use them.

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Couscous can be a great addition to your baby’s everyday diet. It has anti-cancer and antibacterial properties. It helps in maintaining proper heart health, promotes normal metabolism, controls fluid levels in the body, improves digestion, heals wounds, builds muscles, and boosts the immune system.

Couscous is full of various nutrients like vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and dietary fiber.

Apple With Couscous

Couscous can be given to babies from 7 months and above, but do consider the gluten allergy in babies since couscous is made of wheat.

Always consult your pediatrician before starting any new food, and it is a great idea to keep a note on your baby’s reaction to newly introduced foods.

Couscous is widely available in most of the whole food stores and grocery stores. Grown-ups too can enjoy this recipe by adding milk, fruits, and nuts of your choice to make it more flavourful. 

Here’s the recipe.

Apple With Couscous

A nutritious blend of Apple and Couscous in a bowl for babies 6 months and above.
Course Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch
Cuisine American, Baby Food, Toddler Food
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 1
Author Deepika Haldankar

You Need:

  • 1/2 Apple (sweet variety)
  • 1 cup Water
  • 2 tbs of Wheat Couscous
  • A pinch of Cinnamon Powder
  • A pinch of Nutmeg Powder

How To Make It:

  1. In a pot, add water and apple along with the nutmeg and cinnamon powder.

  2. Cook till the apples get tender.

  3. Once they get cooked, add couscous and mix well.

  4. Turn off the heat and cover the pot. Keep it covered for 10 mins.

  5. Fluff the couscous and mix everything well.

  6. Run it through a food processor. Add little water/breastmilk at this point to adjust the required consistency.

  7. Serve.

Recipe Notes

  • You can peel the apple skin if you wish to. I have left it as is in this recipe.
  • You can add a little butter to this recipe if the baby is ready to have dairy. (8 months and above).

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Important Note:

Talk to your baby’s pediatrician before starting any new food.

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