10 Thanksgiving Meal Ideas For Babies

These are 10 nutritious and healthy meal ideas, which are full of flavors of Thanksgiving meals. After all even babies need to have some delicious Thanksgiving meal too.


10 Thanksgiving Meal Ideas For BabiesThanksgiving is approaching soon, and we all are planning a scrumptious meal for our loved ones. Let’s not forget our little ones too.

Instead of going for some jar food, try making these for the festive day. I have put up a list of 10 amazing recipes which are filled with harvest color and flavors. They are packed with essential nutrients required for healthy growth and development of your baby.

So just set her up on the table with rest of the family and let her indulge in these flavors and textures and be the part of the tradition along with other kids and grown-ups.

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  • Let’s start with Breakfast Pumpkin Porridge. This porridge is cooked with apple, pumpkin, and oats and is flavored with a little bit of nutmeg and cinnamon powder. Recipe. (8 months and above)

Breakfast Oats and Pumpkin


  • Carrot and Potato Soup: A mix of various vegetables with a flavor and aroma of bay leaf, cumin, and oregano. I bet even everyone the family would like to have a bowlful of this soup. Recipe.  (8 months and above)

Carrots and Potato Soup


  • Carrot with Peas and Potatoes: Cooked carrots, peas, and potatoes all mixed into a puree with a little flavor of oregano, garlic powder and dried basil. Recipe.  (8 months and above)



  • Winter Squash with Cumin: A mix of Butternut Squash and Acorn Squash with a few cumin seeds for aroma. Recipe. (6 months and above)

Winter Squash With Cumin


  • Winter Squash with Rice: Butternut squash and acorn squash both cooked with rice, and flavored with dried oregano, basil leave, and dill leaves. Recipe. (8 months and above)

Winter Squash With Rice-10 Thanksgiving Meals For Babies


  • Acorn Squash with Apple: Acorn squash and apple cooked together with a little hint of nutmeg and cinnamon. Recipe. (6 months and above)

acorn squash with apple-10 Thanksgiving Meals For Babies


  • Apple with Butternut Squash: Just the butternut squash and apple cooked with a hint of cinnamon powder. Recipe: (6 months and above)

Apple with Butternut Squash-10 Thanksgiving Meals For Babies


  • Apple with Cranberries: This puree is a sweet, sour and little bit of tart flavors in a bowl. Recipe: (8 months and above)

Apple with Cranberries- 10 Thanksgiving Meals for babies


  • Sweet Potatoes with Pears: This sweet and delicious puree is cooked with sweet potatoes and pears with the hint of cinnamon. Recipe. (6 months and above)

Sweet Potatoes With Pears- Easy Baby Meals


And finally, it’s time for dessert.

  • Apple and Strawberry Delight. This one is a perfect puree to finish off the Thanksgiving meal. Recipe. (8 months and above)

Apple and Strawberry Delight- 10 Thanksgiving Meals For Babies

These are 10 best recipes for your babies to feed on this Thanksgiving. Makes these recipes and introduce your little ones to the wonderful flavors of this harvest season.

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Talk to your baby’s Pediatrician before starting any new food.

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