5 Delicious Treats For Mother’s Day

Say ‘I love you Mom’ with these delicious treats for Mother’s Day.

5 Delicious Treats For Mother's Day

Hello, everyone. Mother’s Day is just around the corner. How about making something really special for her. Today I am sharing recipes which can be made by father kids duo for the lovely lady in their life. All these recipes are quick and extremely simple. Just make one of these and make her day extra special.

These recipes are perfect for any special occasion. They are great as edible gift ideas too. Pack them in a lovely gift box and gift it to your loved ones. Homemade and home-cooked gifts are filled with sentiments and love. You can gift one of these to the teacher too.

Let’s go through this list of delicious recipes.

These cuties are great for Mother’s Day. In the following recipe, I have just melted chocolate chips along with vanilla essence and oil. Poured them into a chocolate mold, left them to set for an hour and they were ready to enjoy.

Quick Homemade Chocolates


These Fondant Filled Chocolates are a quick fix to a chocolate craving. I just started by adding little vanilla essence and oil to fondant and kneaded it till it became soft and easily workable. Once it was all the soft smooth dough, I made little balls. Further, I dipped these ball in the melted chocolate and refrigerated for some time. They were ready to enjoy. 

Fondant Filled Chocolates1


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These Oreo Chocolate Truffles are absolutely divine. Melt-in-mouth, chocolate gooey bites can please any mom in an instant. Just make them the day before and store them in the refrigerator. In the following recipe, I have just crushed the Oreo cookies in a food processor. Then added some condensed milk, chocolate syrup, and vanilla extract. Rolled them into small bite-size balls and dipped them into melted chocolate. Then refrigerated these for a few hours and they were all set to be relished

Oreo Chocolate Truffles


In the following recipe, I have melted semi-sweet chocolate pieces in a double boiler, dipped the strawberries in, and decorated it with some sprinkles. Then left them in a refrigerator to set and I was done. Beautiful-looking food cannot get simple as this. You can use any kind of chocolate for this recipe as well as nuts and sprinkles.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Here I have just cut an apple into bite-size pieces, dipped them in melted chocolate, and decorated it. That’s it. They look pretty and are delicious. These bites can be made a few hours ahead. You can use any kind of sprinkles, nuts, colored sugar, etc while decorating them.

Chocolate Covered Apple Bites

These five chocolate treats surely make a Mom happy. A little loving gesture goes a long way, so make these and have a beautiful Mother’s Day.

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