Top 6 Feeding Mistakes That Parents Make

Top 6 Feeding Mistakes Parents Make

When it comes to parents, it is the learning phase for them when it comes to feeding their baby. It is not easy to feed the baby. With a number of nuclear families coming up, parents are under a lot of pressure to raise their kids properly. So, parents end up making a number of mistakes when it comes to feeding their babies. The same is discussed here in this post.

For babies of 6-24 months

  • Parents keep them long on puree

When it comes to babies, they are in the learning stage of eating during this time period. By the time baby is eight-month-old, it starts to pick up small pieces of food and put it in their mouth. Many a time, parents don’t know when to start the solid food and so, keep the baby on puree for a long time. So once you understand that your child has learned the lesson of self-feeding, start giving them food in small portions. This way they will learn to eat on their own that too in the portion they need. This will aid self-regulation.

  • Avoid bringing the kid to the dining table

Most of the time parents have the habit to feed their child separately. They are not brought to the dining table. Parents must understand that kids learn to do things by watching others. The same applies to having food. So bring your child to the table and let them taste a variety of food. Let them eat what you have like veggies, eggs, sandwiches, etc.

Preschooler 2-5 years

  • Giving untimely meal

By the time babies become toddlers, things change. They often ask for food and parents end up feeding them with snacks, juice, and milk which makes them full. So when it comes to mealtime, they don’t eat. So make sure to avoid this habit. Plan out the timings to feed your child every 2-3 hours. Let them drink enough water between the meals.

  • Picky eating habit

Many times, kids develop the habit of picky eating when they are not sure about the new food or have a taste for particular food. This becomes worse when parents serve them with the food they think the child will only eat. For better, parents should provide kids with different food items and proper intervals and let the kids have them in the proportion they want.

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Kids between 6-12 years

  • Saying no to bad food

Many parents have the habit to keep their kids away from bad food. So when kids get exposed to the outer world, they will have more urge to taste them. So better let your kids have them at home in small proportions or treat them with such food once in a while. This will help your child to balance the urge when they are out.

  • All-time open kitchen

If you keep your kitchen open all the time, your child will develop the habit of looking for food and eventually overheat. Make sure you keep kids off the kitchen when it is not mealtime. This will help to regulate their eating habits.

So if you have kids at any of these stages of childhood, it is a good idea to keep the above-mentioned tips in mind and help your child grow healthy with good eating habits. 

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