Properties of Herbs-Spices




Basil calming aid for indigestion, helps in reflux, anti-inflammatory, DNA protection, anti-oxidant 
Coriander remedy for gastric disorders, supply of antioxidants, antimicrobial properties, liver protection, anthelmintic properties, protection from lead toxicity
Oregano antioxidant,antibacterial 
Parsley good source of calcium and vitamin C strengthens body’s defense mechanism.
Thyme ease respiratory problems, protection of cellular membrane
Rosemary help supports the immune system, aids digestion, increases circulation
Mint aids digestion
Turmeric antioxidant, anti-cancer
Garlic antibacterial, anti-viral properties help with cold and flu, antibiotic
Fennel aids digestion, antioxidant
Cinnamon stomach upsets, diarrhea, anti-clotting, boost brain function 
Cumin aids digestion, kills bacteria,immune function,cancer prevention
Nutmeg aid digestion, ease nausea, can be used to help colic.
Cardamom aids digestion, antioxidant, anti-cancer, 


CAUTION: All these herbs/ spices should be used just for aroma in the food.They should be used in very small amount. Check with your pediatrician before starting any new food or spice.


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