Broccoli With White Yam

Broccoli With White Yam, a meal for babies 8 months and above.


Hello, everyone. How was your weekend?  I am sure it would have been filled with fun. Mine was the most awaited one. I had been preparing for it for a very long time.

It was my daughter’s “1st Birthday”. I just can’t believe my little chickpea has already turned “1”. It has been a wonderful journey for the last whole year. And to add to my excitement she started walking without support. Seeing her slowly getting independent fills me with bittersweet joy. 


Today I am sharing a recipe made with one of the super vegetables, and most hated among children “Broccoli”. Well, I must confess even I dislike this green vegetable. I shouldn’t say this in front of my daughter though.

 I did start having it during pregnancy, but then something happened and I stopped having it completely. I had been to a restaurant and I was served boiled broccoli with a boiled caterpillar in it (Ewwww). So no broccoli for me ever since. But I wanted to make sure that my daughter developed the taste for this nutritious vegetable.

I introduced her to this superfood around 8 months. In the following recipe, I have cooked white yam and broccoli together along with a little bit of cinnamon and garlic powder. Cinnamon and garlic helped in reducing the strong smell of cooked broccoli, yet keeping the flavor intact.

Broccoli is a major source of vitamin c, vitamin K, chromium, folate, and fiber. For babies, it does cause gas, so it’s a good idea to introduce this green vegetable around 8 to 10 months. When shopping for broccoli, choose ones which look fresh and have florets with uniform dark green color. There shouldn’t be any mold or yellowing of florets present. Always store broccoli in an open plastic bag, inside a vegetable drawer of your refrigerator.

Broccoli With White Yam

Broccoli and white yam with a hint of cinnamon.

Course Dinner, Lunch
Cuisine Baby Food
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 1
Author Deepika Haldankar

You Need:

  • 4 to 5 small cubes of White Yam
  • Few florets of Broccoli
  • A dash of Ciinnamon Powder
  • A pinch of Garlic Powder
  • 1/2 cup Water

How To Make It:

  1. Wash all the vegetables well and cut the yam into chunks. Cut few florets of broccoli.
  2. Add all these to a pot along with cinnamon powder, garlic powder, and water.
  3. Cook till the vegetable are well done.
  4. Once cooked mash them or run through a food processor.
  5. Serve.

Recipe Notes

  • You can add little-unsalted butter to this recipe if the baby is old enough to have dairy.
  • You can mix this puree with any baby cereal.

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Important Note:

Talk to your baby’s Pediatrician before starting any new food.

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