How To Avoid Summer Health Woes For Working Women

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The warm summer months can make you forget about winter colds and flu, but this sunny time of year can also put you at risk for developing a list of other health conditions. While you might think that you are safe from many of these problems if you are one of the thousands of women that work during the summer, but the opposite is actually true. Your air-conditioned summer job can be just as risky to your health as a day spent at the beach. These simple tips will help you avoid the common summer woes and stay healthy so you can enjoy your days off.

Tips for Working Women to Avoid the Summer Health Woes

Skin Damage

Even driving to and from work every day during the summer can cause damage to your skin from the sun. It is estimated that over 2 million Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer every year, and simply wearing sunscreen can dramatically lower your risk. The strong UV rays from the sun can still tan, and even burn your skin through the windshield. While it is not as damaging as spending the summer at the beach, it can still age and damage your delicate skin. Along with Sunscreen, health care professionals also recommend wearing a long sleeve shirt to help protect and cover your arm while you are driving or use best suntan lotion.

Eye Damage

It is also important to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays, and the best method is a pair of strong sunglasses. While there are several styles and colors of glasses to choose from, you do want to ensure that you have 100 percent protection from ultraviolet rays. Not only can driving without sunglasses impede your ability to see the constant glare from the bright summer sun can also result in vision dimming cataracts, and even the appearance of cancerous cells around your eyes.

Food Poisoning

The uncomfortable stomach cramps and other problems caused by eating spoiled food is not only limited to outdoor cookouts, but can also happen in the workplace during the summer. Even though company picnics is popular during the slower summer months, the warmer temperatures can also cause food to spoil more quickly inside. Simply because your office is air conditioned doesn’t ensure that meat and other food items won’t contract bacteria that causes you to always be near a restroom. A good tip to follow is to not eat any food that has been left sitting out for more than two hours.

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Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is a serious condition that is common during the not summer months, and can also be easily avoided by drinking plenty of fluids. One of the most important tips working women can follow to avoid summer health woes is to simply drink plenty of water during the day and also prevent water prevention. Heat exhaustion can occur whether you work inside or outdoors, and it can also lead to more serious health conditions. Some of the symptoms associated with heat stroke include,

* Rapid or thread pulse

* Short, fast breaths

* Confusion, feeling disoriented

* Cold, clammy skin even though it is hot outside.

If you or anyone you know experience any of these symptoms, it is important that you immediately speak with a health care professional.

Other Summer Health Tips for Working Women

Some of the other common summer health woes are generally limited to the outdoors, and can easily be avoided if you know what to look for. Leading nature hikes or landscaping during the summer can put you at risk for contracting poison ivy, along with getting bitten by small, annoying bugs. The most common summer pests are mosquitoes, which can be controlled with citronella oil or lemon eucalyptus. These natural plants will safely repel the biting insects, and is also safe for your skin. Poison ivy can be avoided if you simply stay away from three-leaved plants, but it can also be treated with tea tree oil. Ticks and Lyme disease are another risk women who work outdoors should consider, especially if you live in certain regions where the bugs are known to be prevalent. Most experts recommend wearing long socks and tucking in your pant legs before hiking in any area that might be an ideal home for ticks.


The warm summer months are almost all welcomed with relief after a cold winter, but this time of the year also has its own health woes. Women who work indoors or outside are both at risk for several health problems, which can also be avoided with a little planning. Sunscreen can prevent early signs of aging and skin cancer in the car and outside, along with a pair of sunglasses. The most important tip to remember if you want to stay healthy and active this summer is to drink plenty of fluids. By following these tips, you will be feeling your best when it is finally time to leave work and enjoy the rest of the summer day.

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