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Hello, and Welcome to EasyBabyMeals.com. I am Deepika Haldankar, the creator of this adventure. This is a place for everything related to cooking baby food at home. Preparing food for my little baby has been a wonderful experience. Though being a new mom and spending lot of time in front of the stove was not possible, so I came up with recipes that could be prepared just in minutes and make my little one’s tummy happy. Giving her healthy nutritious food was my main goal to start cooking baby food at home. I wanted my baby to taste what’s fresh, delicious and full of flavor than something with preservatives. I feel introducing babies to fresh fruits and vegetables make them more receptive to the new texture, taste and feel about the food served on their plate. It gives a start to choosing a healthy lifestyle.

About the Website:

This website caters to everything about preparing baby food at home. Starting from choosing fresh produce to serving it to your baby. Everything mentioned here is my culinary experiences with my baby. The use Herbs-Spices to flavor baby food is the main feature of this website. The recipes published here are developed through trial and errors. They are based on what my daughter liked at a particular age.

Every baby is different and grows up in a different environment. What worked for me might not work for you, so please use your mother’s/ father’s instinct and decide what’s best for your child. Also, CONSULT YOUR PEDIATRICIAN BEFORE STARTING ANY NEW FOOD. I am not responsible for any allergies, diarrhea or any other reactions. 

There isn’t any Nutritional Information provided with the recipe. I don’t have that kind of expertise to evaluate each ingredient and meal’s calorie value. Time is given to prepare a particular recipe is an approximate time. Each stove, microwave etc has a different strength, so a particular recipe might get cooked faster or slower. 

I have not given any information about storing cooked food.  I personally don’t like to store cooked baby food for more than a day. So I cook baby food in small batches, just enough for 1 or 2 servings. You can double or triple a number of ingredients and store them in the refrigerator. 

About Recipes:

All the produce used here is Organic and whole foods. The amount of herbs and spices used in the given recipes is extremely low. There is no ‘hot’ element to any of the herbs/spices used in the recipes. They are just used as a flavoring agent. If you want to use any of the recipes or any information provided here on your website, do ask for permission before using it. All the content on this website is CopyRight Protected. Strict Action will be taken against “Plagiarism”( a practice of taking someone’s work, ideas, thoughts and passing them as their own). Please do not hotlink any content or the recipe. 


About Me:

I am Deepika, living in Phoenix Arizona for almost 8 years. I have gained Masters in Social Sciences with major in Human Development and Family Studies, along with Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management and Guidance and Counseling. I live with my husband and we have a beautiful daughter together. She is the inspiration behind all the work. We are also the proud pet parents of two lovely cats Eva and Laaila.

I hope you all enjoy my work and have a wonderful time feeding your little one’s hungry tummy with nutritious and delicious food. You can also follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

If you have any questions or suggestion, please feel free to write at deepika@easybabymeals.com


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