9 Tips to Protect Toddlers from Dehydration and Sun Stroke

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Good Morning everyone. It’s summer time. Heat from these summer months can sometimes turn deadly. Today we have Kelly Everson giving us tips about protecting our little ones from Dehydration and Sun Stroke.


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When the body cells lose a lot of fluids they become dehydrated. Loss of body fluids can result from sweating, vomiting and diarrhea coupled with limited replacement to suffice the deficit. Dehydrated babies have signs such as dry skins, floppiness, sunken fontanels, rarely wets the nappy and even if he urinates the urine is usually dark and have a strong stench. Loss of too many fluids from the body may result to an acute rise in the body temperatures to a level that may lead to organ failure and other major complications in the body organs. This condition is referred to us heat stroke or sunstroke in the event that it arises due to exposure to the sun. Anyone can get sunstroke, however, children are at a higher risk of getting sunstroke.

So how do you ensure that your child doesn’t suffer from this conditions?

Many toddlers are prone to suffer dehydration and sun stroke concurrently as a result of poor since they get involved in a lot of physical activities during the day. Let’s have a look at a few tips we can use to protect the child from this two conditions.

· Ensure your child drinks a lot of water during summer or hot temperatures.

Kids will always play and get involved in activities that prompt them to sweat a lot. This leads to excessive water loss calling for the need to adequately replace the lost water. You should ensure he takes breaks in between the play time to take water.

· Avoid energy drinks or sport drinks

These drinks are highly rich in sugar and salts. When taken they activate the withdrawal of water from the cell to gain an osmotic balance as they are highly hypertonic. This is risky as it will lead to excessive loss of water from the cells into the external and internal environment eventually leading to dehydration and sunstroke.

· Dress the child in colored light clothing during hot days.

This is quite logical in the sense that when the child puts on heavy clothes in a sunny weather he sweats a lot hence losing more water. This coupled to the fact that the child also gets involved in a number of physical activities during the day causes excessive water loss by the cells. Bright color reflect heat and being light it also doesn’t generate excessive heat that could prompt sweating even if she is not exposed to the sun.

· Regulate the play of your child on a hot day

It does not matter whether the toddler has a sunscreen or not. He should be protected from the excessive heat of the day and the only way to do that is keeping him/her indoors on a hot day.

· Educate your child to return home when he feels overheated in order to take a rest and even drink some water.

· Sunscreen with a high SPF

You can apply a broad layer of sunscreen with a higher SPF on your child before he/she goes out to play. The sunscreen protects your child from the dangerous heat from the sun and, therefore, acts to reduce chances of excessive sweating which results to dehydration and eventually sunstroke.

· Encourage the child to play in a cool place

It is quite true that you cannot totally prevent the toddler from going to play outside. However, you should encourage him to play in a cool place especially during hot summer temperatures.

· Give him solutions that maintain the electrolyte balance in the body.

You can give your child solutions which help maintain a good electrolyte balance within the body. There are many natural and home remedies to ways to balance and maintain electrolyte balance when sick and also when exposed to the sun.

· You should not leave the toddler in a closed car

This might have been your major practice during cold weather, however in a hot weather avoid leaving your children in closed cars. Closed cars will usually overheat causing massive sweating from the child and this is likely to lead to sunstroke.

· Sunglasses and hats

This is a precaution that should be taken to ensure maximum protection from the sun heat during a hot weather. Ensuring your child puts on this adequate protection attire protects him from the heat and thus reduces sweating and chances of sunstroke.

· Finally you should ensure the child eats clean food that will not cause diarrhea and vomiting. This ensures the child has enough water in the body and doesn’t lose much water due to diseases and vomiting during the hot temperatures seasons.

Therefore, we need to strictly adhere to this tips and many others so as to reduce chances of our children suffering from dehydration and sunstroke.




Author Bio:

Kelly Everson is MA in English Literature and an American Author. Her work comprises of articles appearing or forthcoming in over a dozen health news and information websites covering beauty skin care, weight loss, diet and overall men’s & women’s health. When she’s not educating strangers with her writing, she’s most likely researching about new discoveries in health, fitness and beauty industry. You can see more of her work at ConsumerHealthDigest.com. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter

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