365 Photo Challenge (April)

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A sneak peak into my 365 Photo Project. #Deesphotos365 for the photos.

1/365: First Day. Story Behind this shot: I was shooting these pasta nests and Jordan almonds and this little kitty were very curious about it.

Hello, everyone. Today I don’t have a new recipe for you all, but something different. I am sharing my life’s little project which I took on this year. It is a 365 Photo Challenge which I started doing from last month. In this post, I am sharing with you all my experiences and of course photos which I took throughout the month. So let’s jump in if you want you can grab your camera too.

What is 365 Photo Challenge:

365 Photo Challenge is a project wherein you take a picture every day for the entire year. Many photographers choose a theme and take pictures accordingly. There are many such photography challenges around the web. You can also join one of them, or create your own experience. Like I did.

6/365: Ingredients. Story Behind This Shot: Behind the scene of a new recipe in the making. Ingredient shot.


Let’s begin with “Why” I am doing this project. There is a simple answer to this- For my personal growth and to get a good grip on improving my photography skills. I am a self-taught photographer. I have absolutely zero training in photography. I always enjoyed photography, but I seriously started working on this skill when I started taking pictures for my blog. My husband bought me a new DSLR and lens which worked well for macro shots. (Thanks to him) I thoroughly enjoyed what I did. 

8/365: Easter Eggs. Story Behind This Shot: Imperfections makes us perfect. Easter themed photoshoot

I always wanted to take up the photography challenge like this one, but I was not sure whether I would be committed enough to complete the task. Finally, I decided it was time and if I had to grow I need to take up the challenge. Usually, people start it with the beginning of the new year, but I started from April. Well, better later than never. 

14/365: Cookies. Story Behind This Shot: Love the fine details of these cookies.

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How it has helped me…

Taking pictures daily is not an easy task. I am not following any themed 365 calendars. I just take a picture of something that strikes me on that particular day. Capturing things that struck me have opened my eyes to looking at the thing from a different perspective. I now tend to be more attentive to the surrounding, cause at the back of my mind I am looking for something to capture. Each and everything around has its own beauty and with our busy lives, we tend to miss it. Project 365 has helped me Stop and Appreciate the things around me. As it is said by Lil Wayne- “I go Where My Creativity Takes Me”.  Similarly, I just follow my creative instincts. 

20/365: Fruit. Story Behind This Shot: One of the sides for my little one’s meal. I love the shades in these blueberries.

My main objective of this exercise was to get to know my camera and it’s settings better. And be comfortable in taking pictures in fully Manual mode, where I have control over the three main aspects of photography (Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO). After a month of doing this, I have promised myself to take pictures only in Manual mode from now on. No more automatic or priority settings. Earlier at times, I used to be dependent on proper light and perfect conditions to get a decent picture. But switching to Manual mode has helped me get a perfect picture in not so perfect conditions as well. Also, saves me time in editing. 

21/365: HOT.  Story Behind This Shot: Chilli Pickel in the making.

How I handle it…

I have now set a time for my 365 Project Photography. I take out few minutes of each day to look around and see what captures my attention. Since I am not following 365 Calendar and my main focus is on improving food photography, I tend to look around on those lines. Anything related to kitchen or food is captured by my camera. My pets, my little one and everything that surrounds me is the inspiration. 

23/365: Intrigue. Story Behind This Shot: I have seen nothing so beautiful, yet mysterious as a Cat.

Photographer’s Block…

Yup, there are times, when I hit a block. I can’t think of anything or see anything worth capturing. That is the time I read or go through books or go through the internet for inspiration. Websites like Flickr and Instagram helps a lot. For me personally, photography books are my go-to source for ideas and inspirations. I make sure I don’t stop, but keep going.

30-365: Serenity. Story Behind This Shot: White and Blue when combined give a serene vibe.

Inspired yet??

Want to start your own 365 Project? Go ahead, grab that camera and start clicking. I am sharing my photos on Instagram. Tag @Deepika.Haldankar #Deesphotos365, I would love to see your journey of Photography too. You can set a goal and a reward for your project. I have set one for myself, which I will reveal little later. 

31/365: Roasted. Story Behind This Shot: Today’s theme was Roasted, what’s better than a freshly roasted corn.

This is the start of my Project 365 for the month of April. Follow my journey on Instagram and Twitter to see what I am up to each day. I am planning to do these series of posts on Photography, especially what I learned in each month. So be on look out for these posts. 

Talk to you all soon again. Till then, Happy Clicking. “Keep The Creative You Alive”. – (I write quotes now. :D)

See you all soon. Next post ‘Recipe’ coming soon. 

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